How To Make Quick Money Selling Pets Photos Online

Majority of people love dogs, cats and other pets. With this passion people have, you can make a lot of money selling pets photos online. This article features the strategies you should take in order to succeed in this lucrative business.

In any business strategic planning is a must if you want to achieve your goal. Selling photos online is no exception. First, you must treat it as a normal business so a business plan is paramount. As a matter of facts, selling pets photos is the easiest business one can start due to its low start-up costs.

Equipment Needed To Take Good Photos

  • Digital camera – The first investment you need is a high quality digital camera that can take photos even in low light. A few hundred bucks will do it and just remember that this is the only high value investment you will ever make. In photo selling business, quality matters so it’s a good idea that you take your time and as for recommendations from experts before you decide to buy. A camera that came take pictures of things in motion crystal clear is the best  because you might want to take your dog, cat or any pet jumping or running. When buying, buy the one from 4 megapixels and above as this tend to take clearer pictures. The brand does not matter but make sure that you follow expert advice.
  • SD card – Also remember to purchase ample storage such from 16 gigabytes SD card to up to how much your camera can hold.
  • Computer – Today most people own a computer of some sort and I trust that since you are reading this article, you might be sitting at yours. If you like working fast like I do, you need to buy a computer that is fast. It does not matter whether a pc or a laptop. You might want to edit your photos through the software that comes with your camera. A computer with RAM of over 2GB will do the magic. If yours has less, research whether it can be upgraded so that you don’t have to buy a new one. Computers that are being manufactured this days are coming with this capacity and are also cheap. Also, don’t forget to install your camera’s software and study it.

Process of Taking Photos for Selling Online

  • Practice – Give yourself time to practice your new gadgets. Remember practice make perfect so give yourself a considerable amount of time with the new camera. Know every aspect of you camera for example when to turn what mode because this will help you take good pictures.
  • Take Plenty of Pictures -Taking many pictures usually helps because you will have a variety to choose from when it comes to sorting out your pictures. That’s why a high capacity SD card is needed.
  • Pose – Learn the best pose position for your animals. Just like modelling in human, people will tend to like the picture that has a good pose. Go to the library and read or browse pet magazine and grab their style. This will give you an idea of how to position your animals for the best shoot out.

Where To Sell Photos Online

The real deal is in selling your photos. You might excel in the areas mentioned above but with no proper place to sell your beautiful photos, your work and investment was as good as nothing. Outlined below are places you can sell the photos you’ve taken.

  • Get paid to take photos – This people have organized a database of well-paying photos sites and also offer a course on how take good picture for maximum cash.
  • Micro stock photos – Websites allows people to upload photos to this websites where others can download them for a fee. Your photo has to be of high quality before it can be accepted and once in the website, anybody can download it.

As mentioned in this article, the way you plan your business will determine its outcome and remember hard work equals success. Do not hesitate to watch the video if you want to sell photos online and succeed. Very many people have succeeded and do not be left out.


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